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ȣ ù ȳ


غ۾ ù ߴմϴ. ۵Ǹ ȣ ù ҰϿ, Ʒ Ͽ ֽñ ٶϴ.


ù : 2019 10 01Ϻ

: 2019 10 14 ()


10 5ú 10ñ ޵˴ϴ.

ù ۾ ù 10 1-13ϱ ó


س ̿ոȭ ؼϿ ˴ϴ.


Stopping the air-conditioner and starting the heater


Stop the cooling due to the heating preparation. As heating started, no more cooling is supplied until Spring. Please see below for cooling stop and heating operation date.


Stop Cooling : From October 1st

Start Heating : From October 14th(It can be changed)


Heating is temporarily available from 5PM to 10AM the next day in October.

Both heating and cooling are not allowed from October 1st to the 13th due to

  a filter cleaning.

Heating is in compliance with the rational energy utilization act.





- 断预Ѣ: 2019Ҵ101
- 启动
预Ѣ: 2019Ҵ1014 (Ѣ变动)



->η业务->测试运营->进10113为, 设备гġ



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